Fire Damage



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Fires can be especially damaging to your house or business. When the fire trucks leave, your structure will likely have problems with not only fire and smoke damage, but also wide-spread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. IPM’s IICRC Certified Fire Technicians have specialized fire and water damage recovery training and experience to quickly bring your home to pre-fire condition. In addition they can take away the pervasive smoke scent and deep-clean soot from upholstery and carpet.


Protein Fire
Food from the oven or stove has burned, departing strong burnt food smells and smoke residue on structure surfaces.
Complex Fire
Multiple natural and artificial items in the home have burned creating black smoke residue on contents and floors and synthetic smoking odors. Here, disaster corrosion mitigation is required to protect at-risk building materials and contents.
Natural Fire
Trees and shrubs, shrubs and bushes have used up and smoke has penetrated the framework from exterior, so smoke residue and odors are present.
Furnace Malfunction
Heating gadgets such as oil-fired furnaces, or wood burning stove flumes can malfunction and spread smoke throughout the structure.

Fire damage runs beyond initial damage

Ash and smoke can continue steadily to cause destruction and corrosion to materials if they’re left behind.
Odors from smoke damage will remain in an area or a home long following the fire, and continue to steadily cause problems if they’re not properly treated.
In a minute, surfaces and other floors can be stained.
In a couple of hours, finishes on appliances for the kitchen and bathroom can tarnish.
Due to static electricity soot will gravitate toward your appliances, and smoke will tarnish metal items quickly.


Not all fire damage is the same. Our  fire recovery process is complete and proven. It offers:

Identifying the foundation to determine the sort of damage that occurred
Analyzing the areas that are moist therefore might need additional treatment
Evaluating hypersensitive materials which may be damaged because of this of smoke and soot particles

Removing affected contents from the house, including:
Collecting immediate items you might need for another a week such as clothing, prescriptions, toys and games, school catalogs, business needs, etc
Packing out the rest of the items for cleaning and storage
Performing structural recovery, including:
Taking away any charred material which could seal in smoke  such as insulation and burned wood framing
Analyzing carpets and floor coverings that might need to be removed
Inspecting the framing of the home and subfloors for safety
Treating affected floors for smoke smells and sealing to keep any leftover smells from leaking back to the house
Cleaning, eliminating smells and deodorizing floors to pre-loss condition
Returning cleaned contents to the rebuilt location and assisting to reestablish your normal life